Lucky gene lottario

As we all know, the drawing tonight is the biggest in history. I'm not an avid player by any means, as I typically only plan when it gets hyped up in the media. I typically just buy a few quick picks, but just realizing today that I don't even know what method of random selection quick pick uses. Does it base it on other numbers it has chosen for other quick pick buyers?Digging in further, I see that Powerball lists past winning numbers, so we can get some sort of idea on winning number frequency. (Also, you can just get them all in 1 text file here). Now, if I were to stop using the quick pick method, what would scientifically be the best way to choose my numbers to create the best odds of winning? By choosing numbers that have been drawn the most? By choosing numbers that have been drawn the least? By some sort of other formula? Big Sky Bonus.

Lucky gene lottario,,,,,